Lake Biwa

OVERVIEW Exploring Japan’s Timeless Freshwater Treasure Lake Biwa, in Shiga Prefecture, holds the title of the largest freshwater lake in Japan. With a history spanning about 4 million years back into ancient times, it ranks as the third oldest lake globally. The lake is renowned for its distinctive natural environment, home to over 60 endemic […]

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Chikubushima Island

OVERVIEW A Spiritual Island in Lake Biwa A prime example of the harmonious blend between Shinto and Buddhist customs in Japanese heritage, Chikubushima Island holds deep cultural and spiritual significance. Enveloped in a tapestry of historical narratives and folklore, this serene island, spanning just 2 km in circumference, hosts one Buddhist temple and one Shinto

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Kurokabe Square

OVERVIEW Wonders of Glass: Discover Nagahama’s Historic Kurokabe District A tourist destination located in the old town of Nagahama City, nearby JR Nagahama Station. Kurokabe Square, an area known for its historic significance, was once a castle town created by Hideyoshi, one of Japan’s most famous historical figures and a renowned warlord. Today, the entire

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Keiunkan Guesthouse

OVERVIEW Historical Hospitality: Classical Meiji-Era Architecture A historic landmark, showcasing a traditional Japanese guest house dating back to the Meiji era, was originally constructed to host Emperor Meiji’s visit. It stands prominently in front of the Nagahama Railway Museum, formerly known as Nagahama Station. In 1886, news emerged that Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken would

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Nagahama Railway Museum

OVERVIEW Japan’s Oldest Railway Station: Historic Museum and Locomotive Exhibit The historic museum situated within the former Nagahama Station building is recognized as Japan’s oldest surviving railway station. Constructed in 1882 during Japan’s Westernization phase, this two-story Western-style structure was inspired by Shinbashi Station in Tokyo. Inside, visitors can explore a prized collection of railway

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Nagahama Hikiyama Museum

OVERVIEW Exploring Nagahama’s Hikiyama Festival Heritage A museum steeped in the rich heritage of the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival, an annual event typically occurring around April 15th. This vibrant festival features grand, elaborately adorned floats parading through the streets, showcasing the area’s local history and traditions. Recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the festival

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Kinomoto Historic Kaido Post Town

OVERVIEW Brewery Town of a Historic Kaido Trail As a post-station town along the historic Hokkoku Kaido trail as well as home to one of the region’s prominent temples, Kinomoto developed into a vibrant prosperous community. This historical town was bustling with both travelers and pilgrims visiting the Jizo-in Buddhist temple. The rows of merchant

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Kaiyodo Figure Museum

OVERVIEW Artistic Adventures in Made-in-Japan Figurines A unique museum dedicated to figurines and models. Kaiyodo, a globally renowned company acclaimed for its figurines, proudly exhibits its distinguished collection alongside over 4,000 figurines. These figurines span from dinosaurs and nature to heroes and robots, crafting a world brimming with imagination. Additionally, the museum showcases various dioramas

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Nagahama Castle Historical Museum

OVERVIEW Hideyoshi’s Legacy: An Insight into Medieval Japan The historical museum, situated within the recreated Nagahama Castle, holds significance as a tribute to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the pivotal figures in Medieval Japanese history. In 1573, Hideyoshi was granted this territory following his battles with the Azai Clan, who had previously rule the area. Establishing

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Yanmar Museum

OVERVIEW Explore Interactive Learning at the Hands-on Museum of Machines Discover the essence of ‘Let’s Try! Exciting Future Challenge’ at the Yanmar Museum, embodying the visionary spirit of Sonkichi Yamaoka, the founder of Yanmar Co. Ltd., a corporation originating as a diesel engine manufacturer in Nagahama in 1912. This interactive museum, owned by the corporation,

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Kohoku Wild Birds Center

OVERVIEW Bird Watching Sanctuary on the Great Lake Biwa A bird-watching facility overlooking the adjacent Lake Biwa Waterfowl & Wetlands Park, serving as a haven for diverse wild bird species throughout the year. Visitors can observe these birds up close using field scopes and gain valuable insights into their habitats from experts at the center.

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Odani Castle Sengoku Historical Museum

OVERVIEW Exploring the Azai Clan: Insight into the Sengoku Period The museum is dedicated to chronicling the history of the Azai Clan, a prominent daimyo family that held control of the northern expanse of Shiga Prefecture during the turbulent Sengoku period (16th century), centered around Odani Castle, their main stronghold. In its first exhibit hall,

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