Keiunkan Guesthouse


Historical Hospitality: Classical Meiji-Era Architecture

A historic landmark, showcasing a traditional Japanese guest house dating back to the Meiji era, was originally constructed to host Emperor Meiji’s visit. It stands prominently in front of the Nagahama Railway Museum, formerly known as Nagahama Station. In 1886, news emerged that Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken would disembark in Nagahama during their return trip from Kyoto. Faced with the absence of suitable railway transit facilities upon their arrival, Mr. Asami Matagoro, a prosperous local merchant, promptly invested personal funds to initiate the construction of a temporary lodging facility.

Its two-story wooden structure embodies a traditional Japanese architectural style and serves as the venue for the annual Nagahama Plum Bonsai Exhibition. The garden, crafted by the seventh-generation Ogawa Jihei, is revered as a national scenic spot. Renowned for its breathtaking landscape, it features large boulders and hills, for captivating and dramatic scenery.

This facility is covered by the Nagahama Excursion Passport >>

Open Hrs

9:30 am – 5:00 pm


December to early January


¥300 (adult) / ¥150 (children)
*special admission is required during the Plum Bonsai Exhibition



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