Kinomoto Historic Kaido Post Town


The Brewery Town in Historic Kaido Trail

Prospering as a temple town for the Jizo-in Temple and a post-station town along the historic Hokkoku Kaido trail, Kinomoto thrived as a bustling community. This historical town was lively with both travelers and pilgrims visiting the Jizo-in Buddhist temple. The rows of merchant houses still evoke nostalgic scenes of bygone days.

Flourishing due to its strategic logistics, favorable climate for brewing, and abundant water sources and ingredients, the region around Kinomoto was once a hub for businesses centered around sake brewing and soy sauce production. Taking advantage of the area’s rich resources, these enterprises thrived. Although the number has dwindled, with only two sake breweries and three soy sauce breweries remaining, they continue to uphold traditional manufacturing methods. In the present day, the two remaining sake breweries are renowned as the fourth and fifth oldest in Japan, a testament to their enduring commitment to time-honored craftsmanship. Despite the reduction in quantity, the commitment to preserving these traditional trades remains strong, and these establishments stand as living witnesses to the region’s historical and cultural significance in the realms of sake brewing and soy sauce making.


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