Odani Castle Sengoku Historical Museum


Exploring the Azai Clan: Insight into the Sengoku Period

The museum is dedicated to chronicling the history of the Azai Clan, a prominent daimyo family that held control of the northern expanse of Shiga Prefecture during the turbulent Sengoku period (16th century), centered around Odani Castle, their main stronghold. In its first exhibit hall, the museum presents the three generations of the Asai clan.

It showcases portraits of pivotal figures such as Asai Nagamasa and his wife, Oichi, along with excavated artifacts from Kotaji Castle. These relics provide vivid insights into life within the castle walls and the intensity of the siege at Odani Castle. The museum’s second exhibition hall spotlights the castle itself, presenting maps, illustrations, and comprehensive details on its structure. These displays elucidate the castle’s strategic significance and its profound impact on the Sengoku period’s history. It stands as an excellent resource for understanding the Sengoku era through the lens of one of its notable daimyo families.

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Open Hrs

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


¥300 (adult) / ¥150 (children under 15) / free under 6


Tuesdays / year-end & New Year holidays



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