Nagahama Railway Museum



Japan’s Oldest Railway Station: Historic Museum and Locomotive Exhibit

The historic museum situated within the former Nagahama Station building is recognized as Japan’s oldest surviving railway station. Constructed in 1882 during Japan’s Westernization phase, this two-story Western-style structure was inspired by Shinbashi Station in Tokyo.

Inside, visitors can explore a prized collection of railway artifacts, including a dedicated section showcasing operational model trains. Moreover, the Hokuriku Line Electrification Memorial Museum features exhibits displaying the actual Class D51 and ED70 electric locomotives that once served on the Hokuriku Line, a prominent Northern Japan train route.

This facility is covered by the Nagahama Excursion Passport >>

Open Hrs

9:30 am – 5:00 pm


Year-end & New Year holidays


¥300 (adult) / ¥150 (students under 15) / free under 6



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