Wa no Retreat Hitoiki

Wa no Retreat Hitoiki


A boutique hotel with five rooms, refurbished from traditional townhouses nestled in the historic center of Nagahama, close to Daitsu-ji Temple. This townhouse hotel is designed to provide guests with a living-like experience, allowing them to personalize their dining and activities to suit their preferences.

Given the area’s longstanding fame for fermented foods and the medicinal herbs from Mount Ibuki, the hotel boasts facilities like a herb sauna, utilizing these local herbs, and a fermentation bar showcasing specialties like funazushi—a regional delicacy prepared through the fermentation process of Lake Biwa’s fish.

The hotel now offers an all-inclusive plan covering meals, beverages, and activity expenses within the package. Guests can freely indulge in in-room beverages and select from unique dining experiences exclusive to this location. Dinner options include Western or Japanese cuisine. The Western-style dinner, available at Biwa Collage, the Italian restaurant in the townhouse, presents a chef-curated full course using carefully chosen ingredients. Meanwhile, Sumoto, the local cuisine restaurant, serves a Japanese meal featuring mild funazushi—a dish appealing to both beginners and enthusiasts—alongside a variety of dishes showcasing fish cultivated in Lake Biwa, such as sashimi, simmered fish, and grilled options.

The inclusive plans also offer distinctive experiences like the funazushi pairing or the herbal tea blending workshop. The funazushi pairing enables guests to savor three types of funazushi—seared, fresh, and seasonally matured—paired with the renowned local sake, Shichihonyari, in the hotel’s bar room. As for the herbal tea blending workshop, guests can select from a range of locally grown dry herbs to create their personalized blend of three herbs.

Room Price

Rooms range from 12,125 yen per person (no meal) / 41,500 yen per person (breakfast & dinner)


All major credit cards accepted as well as cash.


Free wifi, body soap, shampoo & conditioner, facial soap, bath salts, toothbrushes, razors, humidifier, hair dryer, hair brushes, bath & face towels, pajamas, green tea, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, kitchenette.


4 rooms

Check In & Out

Check-in: From 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Check-out: By 10:00 am


17-2 Motohama-cho, Nagahama 526-0059

Access / Parking

Parking: 5 vehicles

10 mins walk from Nagahama Station / 10 mins drive from Kinomoto IC on Hokuriku Expressway.