Kunitomo Gun Museum


A Legacy of Medieval Firearm Production

Kunitomo, a small town located northeast of the center of Nagahama city, stood out as one of Japan’s leading producers of firearms (matchlock guns) during the Warring States era (late 16th to early 17th), alongside Sakai, Osaka. The area swiftly embraced gun manufacturing after the introduction of firearms to Japan. At its peak, it flourished as a major firearms production hub with over 70 blacksmith workshops and more than 500 skilled craftsmen in this area.

At this museum, the history and culture of Kunitomo, along with the achievements of Kunitomo Ikkanzai, a genius inventor often referred to as “Japan’s Edison,” are presented through multi-slide presentations, dioramas, and tangible exhibits.

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Open Hrs

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


¥300 (adult) / ¥150 (children under 15) / free under 6


Year-end & New Year holidays



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