Kimono Rental Yui


Kimono Rentals for a Memorable Journey in the Historic District of Nagahama

A kimono rental store conveniently situated in Kurokabe Square district. Offering an extensive selection of kimonos, including stylish options for women, men’s kimonos, hakama, and yukata. Nagahama, also known as the ‘Town of Kimono’ as it was a renowned historical producer of kimono silk fabric, provides picturesque settings for strolls through the historic Kurokabe Square and charming streets, perfect for capturing memorable photographs. Numerous photogenic spots await your exploration.

Reservations: secure your kimono rental by booking online through their website (Japanese-only). It is recommended to make reservations, particularly during peak seasons.

Open Hrs

10:00 am – 10:00 pm




From ¥4,400 (kimono) / from ¥3,960 (yukata summer kimono)


Cash and major credit cards

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