One of Japan’s Prominent Mountain Castle Ruins

Odani Castle Ruins is a national historic site, that once was the residence of the Asai Clan, one of the most prominent warlord families from the Warring States period of Japan (mid 15th – early 17th century). The Azai Clan, situated in Azai, the northeast region of Nagahama during this period, held dominion over the Nagahama and Hikone areas for three generations, based in this castle.

Throughout their reign, they engaged with neighboring clans, alternating between advancements and setbacks. Regarded as embodiments of the unpredictable fortunes and individual tragedies prevalent during Japan’s tumultuous Middle Ages, their legacy embodies the capricious nature of that era. Strategically located at the key points of the Hokuriku and Nakasendo roads and close to Lake Biwa, it was indeed an important castle. Check out the well-preserved remains taking advantage of the terrains and tactically designed stone walls that are still present. It is one of Japan’s five major mountain castles, offering a panoramic view that extends to Lake Biwa from the peak. Also, a great hiking field to enjoy the natural environment and seasonal colors, such as of cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in early summer, and autumn leaves in fall.

Please be cautious during winter as there may be snow accumulation and freezing on forest roads for safety reasons. During snowy periods, refrain from using forest roads. During the fall season, an “Odani Castle Shuttle Bus” operates for certain days and times.




9:30 am – 5:00 pm


Dec 3 – Jan 9


300 yen / adult, 150 yen / children under 13
*Special admission is required during the Plum Bonsai Exhibition


Cash only

6-50 Sanwachō, Nagahama, Shiga 526-0055, Japan