Majestic Peak Overlooking Lake Biwa

Due to heavy rain in July 2023, a significant portion of Mount Ibuki’s climbing trail has collapsed. As a result, climbing from the foot of the mountain to the top of Mount Ibuki is currently impossible. The anticipated recovery period is expected to be lengthy. Additionally, the Ibukiyama Driveway is only open seasonally from April to November (for more details regarding the Ibukiyama Driveway, please refer to their website (JPN only)

Soaring 1377 meters above sea level, Mount Ibuki holds its place among Japan’s renowned “One Hundred Famous Mountains.” Dominating Shiga Prefecture and bordering Gifu Prefecture, it offers a grand panoramic vista that includes Lake Biwa, Mount Hira, Mount Hiei, the Northern Alps, and the distant Ise Bay.

Rich in history, this mountain is steeped in Japanese folklore, interwoven with legends of Yamato Takeru, the nephew of an ancient emperor. Revered not only for its historical eminence but also cherished as a sanctuary for esteemed medicinal herbs, alpine flora, avian life, and insect species. The blooming flower fields around the summit are even recognized as a National Natural Monument, adding to its allure.

Three Ways to Reach Mount Ibuki Summit:
1. Hiking from the Ibuki trailhead in Ueno, Maibara City.
2. By car via the Ibukiyama Driveway (access from Sekigahara, Gifu Prefecture).
3. Taking the Ibuki Mountain Climbing Bus (operated by Omi Bus).

Estimated Hiking Time:
Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes (one way) from the Ibuki trailhead to the summit. The distance covers roughly 6 km, excluding rest breaks. Please consider this time frame as an estimate for your hike.

Summit Temperature:
The summit temperature typically runs 8 to 10 degrees cooler than at the base.

Mount Ibuki Regulations:
1. Entering the flower fields is strictly prohibited.
2. Gathering of plants or insects is not allowed.
3. Littering is strictly prohibited.
4. Pets are not permitted on the mountain.
5. Please use the designated restroom facilities.
6. Lighting fires is strictly prohibited.
7. Camping is not allowed.

Lodges at Mount Ibuki Summit:
Between April and November, the summit offers dining and resting facilities. For overnight lodging, prior reservations are required. Kindly contact the respective lodges for booking inquiries.
– Ebisuya: 0749-58-0239
– Shosenkan: website
– Taizankan: 090-7117-6283 / website
– Miyazakiya: 0749-58-0172

Guide Service:
For mountain guide services, please contact the following organizations:
– Ibuki Mountain Nature Network: website
– Ibukiyama Moribito no Kai: website

Bus Route:
The “Ibuki Mountain Climbing Bus” runs during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, providing convenient access between Maibara Station and Mount Ibuki for hiking adventures. For further details, visit the Omi Bus website.


*Hiking route temporarily closed due to land collapse.

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