From the pristine northern Lake Biwa shores to the majestic Mt. Ibuki, the city of Nagahama offers a wealth of nature and culture to be explored, all within a short ride from Kyoto.

Vibrant Traditions

Developing since the times of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, explore some of the many unique traditions that have come to define Nagahama.

Deep Roots of Local Life

Living in harmony at the northern shores of Lake Biwa for centuries has shaped a distinct local culture that is deeply spiritual, and respectful of our natural blessings.

Local culture of food

While the freshwater feasts from Lake Biwa have shaped local cuisine, our unique geography and proximity to the Japan Sea have also helped form our unique food culture.

Harmony With Nature

Situated between Shiga’s highest peak of Mt. Ibuki, and Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake, nature has always been intertwined with life in Nagahama.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest


Places To Stay

Local Foods

Local Eats

Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

Outdoors & Activities

Outdoors & Activities

A Deeper View of Nagahama

From general geography and climate info to transportation, access, and more, start here!

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