Samegai Historic Nakasendo Post Town



Clear Spring Waters Beside a Historic Gem of the Nakasendo

This area is a residential community. Please be considerate by keeping voices down, staying off private property, and not littering.

Located alongside the gently flowing waters of the Jizo River, Samegai once served as the 61st post town along the renowned Nakasendo trail during the Edo period. Even today, the streets retain an alluring ambiance reminiscent of bygone eras. During the summer, visitors are captivated by this charming riverside street. Here, crystal-clear spring water feeds the river, nurturing delicate white blossoms of plum-blossom algae, or baikamo, a unique sight found only in exceptionally clear waters. With a rich tapestry of legends, this area holds a spiritual bond between Mount Ibuki’s water deity and pilgrims. The meticulously restored horse stable, which once provided porters and horses for passing daimyos and officials, stands as a testament to the historical significance of this post town. It’s a living heritage, connecting the sacred mountain, its pure spring waters, and the travelers who traversed the Nakasendo route.

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