Kanzan-ji Temple Ruins



Traversing Centuries: Exploring the Ancient Temple in Northern Nagahama

A 1300-year-old temple nestled atop a small mountain in the northern region of Nagahama is a favored hiking spot. Enthusiasts are drawn not only to the temple’s ancient history but also to the diverse and lush forest that blankets the mountain. Legend has it that the Japanese Emperor, inspired by a dream, envisioned this temple 1300 years ago. However, its exact location was unknown, prompting scouts to embark on a quest to find it, leading to the eventual construction of the temple.

The temple grounds sit a short distance from the mountain’s peak. Nearby, visitors can find a Shinto shrine and a natural spring that feeds a pond amidst small open meadows. The variety of sub-tropical, seasonal hardwoods, and evergreen trees create a distinct and captivating forest ambiance.


Snow season


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