Asami Higashiyama

I’m a travel lover, and a wife of a Buddhist monk. As a family living in a temple, I can share some of the secrets that temples have to offer. I’d love to help you have a wonderful experience in Nagahama. I’d also love to learn about your country.

I speak both English and Spanish fluently.

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Asuna Fushiki

Hello! I am Asuna Fushiki. Inspired by guided tours in other countries, I became a licensed English guide in Nagahama. Nagahama is blessed with abundant nature, located between Lake Biwa and mountains, with a historical townscape and local traditional foods to enjoy. I’d love to show you around this fascinating city with local information and personal experience. Let’s enjoy a Nagahama guided tour together!

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Haru Nishibo

Hello! I’m Haru. I’m licensed as an English guide of Nagahama city as well as nationally. I love traveling and cooking. I’m also interested in Japanese history. I stayed in the United States as an exchange student for one year and worked for a long time as a high school English teacher. I was also an advisor of foreign exchange students staying in Japan, and served as a chaperon of high school students’ exchange programs for various countries. Nagahama has been my favorite city as it’s really rich in nature, relaxing, and has much to see and experience. You can enjoy delicious local foods and Sake.  Local people are very kind-hearted, too. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy everything in Nagahama. Let me help you create fun and unforgettable memories here. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Hiromi Miwa

I grew up near Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan. And now, I’m gaining experience as a nurse and a mother. The Kohoku area (north of Lake Biwa) is very close to me. I have many things to recommend, especially the lake scenery and the wonderful local people. Join me on your visit to enjoy delicious foods, experience the local life and communicate with the local people. It’s a wonderful experience not only for adults but also for children. Two sayings I live by are, “Treasure every meeting, for it will never repeat” and “Omotenashi with all of my heart.” I believe you will touch “the heart of Nagahama.” I’m looking forward to seeing you here. Let’s make wonderful memories together!!

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Hitomi Ishichi

Hello, I am Hitomi. I was born and raised in Nagahama. I’m interested in different cultures and nature, so I traveled to almost 20 countries and backpacked around them. I also lived in New Zealand for a while, which is when I learned a lot of conversational English.I love activities like snowboarding, kayaking, and hiking. I work winters as a ski patrol staff in the Nagahama area. I would love to guide you around Nagahama’s nature. Let’s have fun exploring local Japanese countryside life together!

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Jo Kanda

Hello from Nagahama! I’m Jo, your friendly guide, passionate photographer, and explorer of rural Japan. With a background in art, I have a deep fascination for the natural surroundings, intricate architectural details of “kominka,” and the unique culture that sets Nagahama apart from its neighboring city, Kyoto. In fact, I was so captivated by the area’s charm that I decided to move here from Tokyo several years ago.

Join me on a journey of discovery as we unveil the authentic essence of Japan beyond the bustling tourist crowds. Nagahama offers serene landscapes, including the biggest lake in Japan, a rich historical tapestry, and warm local hospitality, providing an opportunity to experience the authentic charm of Japan. Together, we’ll explore this enchanting destination, immersing ourselves in its hidden treasures and creating unforgettable memories. Can’t wait to meet you!

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Konoha Yamaguchi

Hello! I’m Konoha. I was born and raised in Nagahama. I love this city with its idyllic scenery of rice fields, clear skies, and Lake Biwa. I was reluctant to leave, so I attended a local university nearby. My hobbies are snowboarding, visiting cafes and going for walks. Nagahama is the perfect place for all of them. I also love to travel and experience various cultures. I’d love to hear and share memories of travels with you.

I’ll introduce you to the wonderful city of Nagahama. Would you like to spend an unforgettable day together?

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Maki Hashimoto

Welcome to Nagahama! I was born and raised here, and driving around beautiful Lake Biwa is part of my daily routine. I’d like to share the wonderful culture and rich nature of Nagahama with you, especially, Chikubushima Island. As this is my home town and holds lots of memories for me, I’ll share some of the special attractions that you can’t find in guidebooks. Would you like to make precious memories with me as a local guide?

Ryoko Angie Tsukada

Hi, I am Angie. I was born in Nagahama. After finishing high school, I moved to Kyoto. Then, I came back to Nagahama in 2012. The area’s many attractions drew me back here. I now share news on social media about the sightseeing, events, history, and culture of Nagahama. I’d especially like to introduce the relationship we have with Lake Biwa. Our life, local food, and unique beliefs were all formed together with the lake. And we have taken care of Lake Biwa since long ago with environmental considerations. I’m also a Minyo singer and a “smile consultant.” Please enjoy my voice and smile in addition to your experience here. Let’s explore the treats for all of your senses that Nagahama has to offer!

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Ryoko Vick Kitano

I was born and raised in the mountainous northern area of Nagahama. After graduating from university and working as a translator outside of Shiga, I returned to my hometown in 2020. Nagahama has beautiful scenery of satoyama and Lake Biwa as well as many historical cultural assets and distinct food culture that’s been handed down by local people. I will give you the best information that only locals know. Come and experience the local culture and activities in nature that you’ll never find in the busy cities!

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Shibby Itsuki

Hi, I’m Shibby Itsuki. I was born and grew up here in Nagahama. This place is like my personal treasure. It has beautiful nature, gorgeous festivals, fireworks, various kinds of outdoor activities and much more. The local people are friendly, living their lives in peace with rich traditional culture. Do you know this city has at times been chosen as Japan’s most comfortable city to live in? So, I’d really like to guide you around my hometown, chatting with locals, experiencing zen meditation, enjoying outdoor activities, and more. Come and enjoy Nagahama!!

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Shiori Kawakita

Hello! My name is Shiori, and I was born and raised in Nagahama. I’m a mother and I work at a local company. I’ve always been interested in talking with people from overseas, which led me to study at Newcastle University in the U.K. and to travel around Europe. It was very exciting to see historic places and have local foods, but biggest impression was made by communicating with local people.

Through my tour, I’d like to show you around the city with sharing my personal experiences, and helping you to communicate with local people. I’d be very happy if you’d come here to discover the charm of the city and warmth of its people!

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Shizuka Ibuki

Hi! I’m a Nagahama native herbalist and aromatherapist, so I’m very much into the rich nature here. I moved out and spent my twenties in Osaka, Tokyo, and the US. before moving back here in 2010. I’m always interested in cultural differences, and now, I see them through nature. This is not only about plants, but also how we live, how we eat, and how we think. Let’s explore Nagahama local culture and scenery together!

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Minnie Michiyo Taga

Hi, I’m Michiyo Taga. Please call me Minnie for short. I’ve been living in Nagahama City for more than 30 years. I’m a licensed local tour guide and Japanese teacher, so I know the culture of both Japan and Nagahama very well. Nagahama is rich with history, culture, and nature. You’ll also find great cuisine, and warm, friendly people here.

I’ll show you the wonders and culture of Nagahama, while sharing interesting stories and recommended specialties that are only known by the locals. Let’s enjoy exploring Nagahama together!

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Ted Sadaaki Shimizu

Hello! I’m Ted. In 2021, after retiring, I returned to Nagahama, where I was born and raised. After graduating from university, I worked in sales at a manufacturing company and visited more than 20 countries. I also experienced living abroad in the United States for five years with my family.

I learned cross-cultural communication from many overseas customers and life in the U.S. so I’d now like to give back to foreigners who visit Nagahama. Why don’t you come and enjoy Nagahama, a wonderful town where nature, history, culture, tradition, etc. are all intertwined. I look forward to touring Nagahama with you and creating an experience you’ll never forget!

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Wu Ling

Hello! My name is Ling, and I’m from China. I was born and raised in China, but because of my deep interest in Japanese anime, food, and culture, I decided to move to Japan.  I initially came to Nagahama for work and while I was here, I felt the warmth of the locals, enjoyed the beautiful nature, learned about the unique history of the area, and of course, loved the delicious local foods such as rice and beef. I have now been living in Nagahama for four years and I love it here so much. I would like to share with you the charm of Nagahama from the perspective of a foreigner. I hope you enjoy the adventure here and will come again!

I speak English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Yoko Tomii

Hello, my name is Yoko Tomii, and I’m a licensed English guide of Nagahama city. I was born in Nagahama, and have also lived in Kyoto and Osaka. I spent 5 years in California, where I obtained my master’s degree and worked as an assistant for two professors, both during and after my master’s program. Upon returning to Japan, I gained experience as a university president’s secretary and as an executive secretary for a British pharmaceutical company. I’ve also worked as a translator and interpreter, and currently work as a translator in Nagahama. I love the natural beauty and friendly people here, and I’m passionate about sharing my hometown with visitors. As a tour guide, I aim to help my guests feel welcome and comfortable while experiencing all that Nagahama has to offer. I’m looking forward to helping you enjoy Nagahama and interact with its local people. Let’s explore Nagahama together!

Yuka Yamaoka

Hello! My name is Yuka. I love my hometown of Nagahama, surrounded by mountains and Lake Biwa. A large part of my work life involves visiting local organic farmers, to interview them and hold cooking lessons using their vegetables. I provide sustainable tours and cooking workshops that value contact with local people by experiencing unique food culture, organic agriculture and nature. Let’s visit the fields of farmers, harvest vegetables, cook & taste foods, and bond with the warm-hearted people here.

Why don’t you come experience the charm of Nagahama that will treat all five of your senses!

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Yuko Suzuki

I live in Maibara city next to Nagahama city, and I’m a mother of three children. I work now as a nursery teacher, but I used to guide internationally as an overseas tour conductor. I love thinking about how to make a trip most enjoyable for my customers. Nagahama has many tourist attractions, Kurokabe square and Chikubushima island etc. I’m looking forward to introducing the fascinating life, culture, and history of Nagahama. Let’s have fun together!!

Chihiro Nakakita

I’m Chihiro. Please call me Chi. I was born and raised in Nagahama and went to college in Osaka. I’ve been studying English for more than 15 years. I studied abroad in the United states in Portland for about 8 months. I like cooking and eating, so during my tour, I’d love to take you to nice restaurants.

In addition to great food, Nagahama city also offers historic places and beautiful nature, so why don’t we make fantastic memories together? I’ll do my best to show you a great time!

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Miharu Hayazaki (Rosy)

Hello there! I’m Rosy. I’m so excited to meet you and guide you in Nagahama. I was born and raised in Nagahama. After finishing college, I went to Alaska for 2 years to teach Japanese. I love learning new cultures, traveling, eating, and playing with my goofy lovely dog, named Riku. Nagahama is such a unique and peaceful place to explore. I’d love to help you enjoy such a wonderful experience in Nagahama. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you!

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