Yoko Tomii

Hello, my name is Yoko Tomii, and I’m a licensed English guide of Nagahama city. I was born in Nagahama, and have also lived in Kyoto and Osaka. I spent 5 years in California, where I obtained my master’s degree and worked as an assistant for two professors, both during and after my master’s program. Upon returning to Japan, I gained experience as a university president’s secretary and as an executive secretary for a British pharmaceutical company. I’ve also worked as a translator and interpreter, and currently work as a translator in Nagahama. I love the natural beauty and friendly people here, and I’m passionate about sharing my hometown with visitors. As a tour guide, I aim to help my guests feel welcome and comfortable while experiencing all that Nagahama has to offer. I’m looking forward to helping you enjoy Nagahama and interact with its local people. Let’s explore Nagahama together!