Historic Kinomoto Brewery Town Visit | Half-Day Course

Visit the old town of Kinomoto, known as a lodging town of the Hokkoku Kaido historic trail as well as a brewery town that has prospered for centuries. We will visit points of interest such as the Kinomoto Jizoin Temple, sake and soy sauce breweries, and local shops.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Route transportation: walking


  1. Meet a guide at JR Kinomoto Station and walk to the town’s central area (5 min)
  2. Visit Kinomoto Jizoin Temple (enjoy the pitch dark “Kaido Meguri” maze, temple bell ringing, etc.)
  3. Stroll the town and visit interesting local spots such as:
    • Sake brewery, Yamaji Shuzo, known for Kuwazake mulberry liquor (includes sake tasting, brewery tour available from Apr to Nov)
    • Sake brewery, Tomita Shuzo, maker of the famous “Shichihonyari” (lit. Seven Spears) sake brand.
    • Former Honjin Yakkyoku Pharmacy
    • Soy sauce brewery, Daiko Shoyu (soy sauce made with the traditional process)  
    • Bakery, Tsuruya Pan, known regionally for a long-time specialty, “Salad Pan” (lit. salad bread)
    • Japanese traditional sweets shop, Kadoya
  4. Dismiss at Kinomoto Station