Top Sights of Nagahama | Full-Day Course

A guide will take you on a visit to the most famous and popular spots around downtown Nagahama, where you’ll be sure to enjoy the local traditions, history, and culture.

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Route transportation: walking


  1. Meet a guide at JR Nagahama Station (West Entrance) and walk to Nagahama Port
  2. Ride the Chikubushima Cruise ferry boat for 30 mins
  3. Arrive at Chikubushima Island, revered as a sacred island since ancient times
  4. Visit Tsukubusuma Shrine and Hogonji Temple on the island
  5. Take the ferry back to Nagahama Port
  6. Walk about 10 mins to the Kurokabe Square shopping district
  7. Enjoy lunch, sightseeing, and shopping*
  8. Dismiss at JR Nagahama Station

*Purchasing a “Nagahama Odekake Passport” allows access to 5 of the top local spots/attractions such as the Nagahama Castle Historical Museum, Keiunkan Guesthouse, Nagahama Railway Museum, etc.